Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Servicing

Benefits of a heat pump that has been serviced regularly:

More Than Just Filter Cleaning.

Do you clean your heat pump / air conditioning filters regularly?
After cleaning is it still not working as well as it used to?
Do you have horrible damp smelling air coming from the indoor unit?

Heat Pump / Air Conditioning units are constantly cycling high volumes of air and over time particles get past the filters and become stuck inside the indoor unit. When the system is in cooling mode, it becomes a damp area ideal for mould to grow. This can cause a restriction of airflow and contaminate the air being pushed out of the indoor unit into the air you breath.
We use a pressurised cleaning system, combined with a specialised cleaning product to thoroughly clear out everything that gets trapped and built up over time in both the indoor and outdoor units.
We will also give your system a compressive check using our 25 point maintenance checklist to ensure everything is in good working order.
We often hear from satisfied customers after having our professional service completed how much better their units are now operating.

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